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Mask 3D

The playfulness behind building three-dimensional theatre 

Manifesto Workshop, Paris 2017 [more]

Contemporary Commedia dell'Arte

Manifesto Workshop, Paris 2016 [more]

Larval Mask

Architecture of an Elementary Form.

Manifesto Workshop, Amsterdam 2015 

Clown: Theatrical Architecture

Manifesto Workshop, Paris 2016 [more]

Clown: Theatrical Architecture

Manifesto Workshop, Madrid 2016

An Insight of the research

A journey of (e)motion

Manifesto Workshop, Amsterdam 2015 

Image - State - Attitude

Line - Plane - Volume

Manifesto Workshop, Glasgow 2012 [more]

Space of Lorca

Manifesto Workshop, Amsterdam 2012 [more]


Contemporary Commedia dell'Arte Laboratory

Manifesto Workshop, International 1998 - 2017


past COMMISSIONed laboratories

Space of Medea - Research

Special Commission Workshop, Glasgow 2013 [more]

A Theatrical Language for Hospital Clowns

Special Commission Workshop, Amersfoort 2016 [more]

Dramatic Space of Circus Art

Special Commission Workshop, Rotterdam 2015 [more]

Movement on Fine Arts

Special Commission Workshop, Amsterdam 2015 [more]

Devised Theatre

Special Commission Workshop, New York 2016 [more]

The mask and F. G. Lorca

Special Commission Workshop, Barcelona 2005

The actor’s training and the collective work

Special Commission Workshop, Istanbul 2014

Poetics of Survival

Special Commission Workshop, Montreal 2016 [more]

The Space of the Clown

Special Commission Workshop, Dallas 2013

Manifesto In Action

Larval Mask - Neutral Mask - Clown

François Lecoq & Carlos García Estévez

Special Commission Workshop, Bogota 2015 [more]

Contemporary Mask Performance

Special Commission Workshop, Paris 2015

Acting 7

Devised Theatre - Wagner

Special Commission Workshop, New York 2016


A Journey of (e)motion

Research Residency, Amsterdam 2014 [more]

Space of the chorus

Research Residency, Paris 2013 [more]


Cinematographic language on the Stage

Research Residency, Amsterdam 2013 [more]

Dynamics of text I

In Turkish

Research Residency, Ankara 2012 [more]

Equilibre du Plateau and mask acting

Research Residency, Barcelona 2006

A Journey of (e)motion: 

Expressive Mask

Research Residency, Amsterdam 2015

From Mimo-dinamique mask to Expressive mask

Research Residency, Barcelona 2008

Research Tragedy ‘Romance de La Dezarpa

Research Residency, Paris 2013 [more]

Multiculturalism and Mask Symbolism

Research Residency,Barcelona 2007

Research into new language

Research Residency, Arnhem 2011 [more]

Dynamics of text II in Dutch

Research Residency, Rotterdam 2011

The voice and the mimo-dinamique mask at Roy Hart Center

Research Residency, Malerargues (FR) 2009


Mask: Dramatic Space

Lecture Demonstration, New York 2016

The tragic depth in Commedia dell’Arte

Lecture Demonstration, Amsterdam 2015

Mask Performance

Lecture Demonstration, New York & Toronto 2016

Mask and the Contemporary Theatre

Lecture Demonstration, New York and Toronto 2016