Review of GOOD BOY - Deconstructing the Hero

Deconstructing the Hero:

Coming from Cyprus, a post conflict country, with the barbed wire and shredded sandbags still in place, painful reminders of the incompetence of our politicians and the utter helplessness of our fate on the chessboard of the Levant, Paige Allerton's "Good Boy" created the perfect conditions to reconsider (our) military culture. 

The glorified figure of the soldier, depicted in our history books and showcased in our town squares, is re-conceptualized in Allerton's performance as a random, indecisive and scared presence in the face of aggression and manipulation. She creates a world which is constantly framed by violence and confines, such as army camps, buildings, people, even one's own fear. In this world, the only companions are human indecisiveness and a dog. Both inconstant factors, which make the story unpredictable and flowing with the rhythm of life itself. 

As the national narratives depict soldiers as robust and masculine figures, stable and assertive in the face of death, Allerton's "Good Boy" artfully and concretely challenges these very basic elements, re-framing the world of the army for what it (potentially) really is. 

Dr. Ellada Evangelou

Artistic Director Rooftop Theatre. Nicosia, Cyprus

Paige Allerton’s ‘Good Boy’ is a story written with a sharpened pencil.
— Jay Emmanuel, Artistic Director at St. George’s Dance and Theatre. Perth, Australia

LECOQ LEES STUDIO - Summer Workshops, Paris

Lecoq Lees Studio

Laboratory for theatre and plastic arts research

Summer Workshops in Paris


Work sessions in

English, French, Italian and Spanish.

For the 60th Anniversary of the School of Jacques Lecoq Manifesto Poetico has been invited to be Guest of the Season at the Lecoq Lees Studio. 

In honour of its history the Lecoq School has decided to expand its field of research and host for the first time a series of workshops at the Lecoq Lees Studio - their countryside campus just outside of Paris. 
Manifesto Poetico’s artistic director, Carlos García Estévez, is very excited to be a part of both workshops that will be taking place this year with his artistic team members Paulo Serantes and Paige Allerton. 

Lecoq Lees Studio 2017 season proposes two workshops:

Mask 3D

10 to 14 July
Organized by Manifesto Poetico

With Carlos García Estévez and participation of Pascale Lecoq.
Assisted by Paige Allerton and Paulo Serantes. [more]

Passions, Characters and Situations

17 to 21 July
Organized by School of Jacques Lecoq

With Pascale Lecoq, François Lecoq and Carlos García Estévez. [more]

Premiering GOOD BOY - Cyprus, June 2017

We are very excited to announce the premiere of GOOD BOY - by Paige Allerton, June 4th at the Mesarya Theatre Festival in Cyprus. 

Performed in combination with SOLO DELL’ARTE, Manifesto Poetico will have the pleasure of closing the Festival Sunday night. 

[more about the Festival]

PROLOGUE… Sitting in a rare momentary spot of sun on a Café terrace, a young woman drinks a coffee. As the sun slightly passes, she hears a great fanfare approaching. Trumpets, shouting, clapping, yelling and feet marching. Consuming the boulevard is a parade of unknown origins, advancing quickly and with glamour like a crowd of excited geese. With time bent by the pull of the crowd, the parade is already passing. The young woman stands to have a better look, she cannot see the centre - what might perhaps reveal the reason for this parade. Before she knows it she is walking, following, trying to understand, being infected by the giddy force of the movement. She meets John and Sandra others who have joined the march today. They follow and follow, hours and hours, until night is falling and they have reached some unknown fields far beyond the city. … Names are taken, tents are set up, and the three have found they have joined the military. …

Impressions of Klassiek van de Toekomst in the Philharmonie, Haarlem (NL)

Stage direction and creation of Klassiek van de Toekomst in the Philharmonie

Haarlem (NL) 1st April 2017.

Manifesto Poetico enjoyed the overwhelming support of the audience, orchestra members, actors, dancers, DJ, film crew, production team and technicians at the Philharmonie in Haarlem (NL) this April 1st, for the premiere of Klassiek van de Toekomst



Thank you to creative producer Nils Verkooijen, conductor Annelies Smit and artistic director of the Philharmonie Jaap Lampe for the beautiful space and hard work. Thank you also to orchestra members, actors, dancers, DJs, film crew, production team and technicians.


Puppets: Ingrid Liavaag                                     

Masks: Pak Pono


Photography Pim Rusch @  

The show captured ecosystems in perdition with haunting plastic beauty, strained social relationships with exaggerated yet life-like masks, and a simple story of love between two fragile puppets that got lost at sea in a storm … or was that a dream, we will never know. This is the suggestive power of this director’s work, that is much needed today.

Manifesto Artistic Team: director Carlos García Estévez, assistant director and co-creator Paige Allerton, lighting designer Paulo Serantes, worked hard to deliver the message of the more than 120 devising cast members in this multidisciplinary show. The young artists participating in this process were asked to talk about their anxieties, fears and desires for the society they see today in the Netherlands, and globally in this highly connected, informationalized world that has been gifted with social media.  

The voice of youth today had a powerful result! 


Assistant director Paige Allerton on Klassiek van de Toekomst

It is very exciting to support the creation and storytelling of the young people and help mould the content that they gave us into the show. In rehearsals they constantly remind me that the valuable thing is to really believe in something. I’m really looking forward to April 1st!
— Assistant director, Paige Allerton

About Klassiek van de Toekomst

It is a great pleasure to give form to such a multidisciplinary performance and to see how such a young group of artists can be so emotionally skilled in the storytelling. It is magic to work with them. I wish that adults could be concerned with society as much as this group of young artists. They have taught me a lot.
— Stage director, Carlos García Estévez

Working with very young and talented artists at Philharmonie in Haarlem

Premiere 1st April !!!

Klassiek van de toekomst will involve the audience in the creation of a theatrical language; a language of movement and space, that will reach all generations by using our society’s contemporary understanding of movement; our contemporary eyes which know touch-screens, swipe-phones, pop-ups and digital readout, while connecting everyone deeply to the handmade, the low-tech and the classic.
— Carlos García Estévez, Manifesto Poetico
As a young artist and activist I feel very fortunate to have the chance to work with this large number of young people who live in a privileged part of the world. This type of project that attempts to talk about young people - about our anxieties, our fears and our desires for the future of our society - is vitally important to our communities, to awaken a consciousness through a meaningful poetic language that one day will change actions not only words.
— Paige Allerton, Manifesto Poetico


Workshops: about - previous - upcoming

Creating Klassiek van de Toekomst

Carlos García Estévez creating and directing together with his assistant director and content creator Paige Allerton for the Philharmonie in Haarlem (NL). 

Klassiek van de toekomst will involve the audience in the creation of a theatrical language; a language of movement and space, that will reach all generations by using our society’s contemporary understanding of movement; our contemporary eyes which know touch-screens, swipe-phones, pop-ups and digital readout, while connecting everyone deeply to the handmade, the low-tech and the classic.
— Carlos García Estévez & Paige Allerton, Manifesto Poetico

Klassiek van de Toekomst - Stage direction in Haarlem (NL)

We started the stage direction of a new production at the Philharmonie of Haarlem with a fantastic group of young artists!

The Klassiek van de Toekomst Orchestra of 83 young musicians and 42 actors and dancers from Amsterdam and Leiden.


For those interested in the Tradition of Mask making, do not miss this great opportunity!!!

From 21 June to 19 July 2017

The work of the Sartori dates back to the post-war period (1945-47) when the Italian intellectual world renewed its desire to recover the origins of its cultural history. So the Italian sculptor Amleto Sartori started a long period of experimental research on the masks of the Italian Commedia, its characters and the construction techniques forgotten for more than two centuries, which was to bring him to the re-discovery, though it would be more precise to say the re-invention, not only of the ancient manufacturing technique for the leather masks but also of its artistic significance. [more] 


Dear all, 2016 has been busy for Manifesto Poetico! We've researched, trained, performed, published, created, and opened a new department. We would like to thank all the contributing artists and institutions from all their different countries that have welcomed us warmly over the past year. Looking forward to 2017!  [see review]

Thank you Operação Nariz Vermelho for the great time!

Thank you Portuguese Hospital Clowns!!! We hope to see you again soon! And Happy 2017!!!

Alberto Carvalhal, Fernando Terra, Valdemar - Pacas, Gilberto Oliveira, Cláudia Andrade, Eva Sarmiento, Miguel Antunes, Pedro Fabião, Filipa Mendes, Basilie Victor Pujebet, Mark Mekeiburg, Marta Carvalho, Patricia Ubeda, Susana Cecilio, João Paulo, Mariana Moreira, Rui Gomes, Margarida Fernandes, Andreas Piper, Julieta Rodrigues, Harald Rothermel, Jan Raga, Joel de Oliveira, Rodrigo Malvar, Gisela Matos, Joao Magalhães.

SOLO DELL'ARTE in Cyprus - November 2016

SOLO DELL'ARTE at Home for Cooperation. Buffer Fringe Festival

The Home for Cooperation is a unique community center located in the heart of Nicosia. It is the embodiment of intercommunal cooperation, contributing to the collective efforts of civil society in their engagement with peacebuilding and intercultural dialogue. Using its sources it encourages people to cooperate with each other beyond constraints and dividing lines. [more about Home for Cooperation] 

Buffer Fringe Festival

Solo dell'Arte