Since September 2013 Manifesto Poetico is researching and preparing a new production based on Medea from Euripides.

The research is approaching the story, and specially the figure of the character of Medea, from the space point of view.

The departing point of the research is the question: what is the space of Medea? Her inner space and outer space? What is the inner journey of this woman? How to tell the story from the inner space of Medea? And how to construct the inner space and make visible the feelings, emotions and passions that pass by this woman? How to structured, on space and time, her inner world? Could the audience inhabit and travel through a constructed universe of Medea?

The proposition of this production goes beyond an abstract behavior or a literal representation of an idea but to create an instinctive source in order to experience what we don’t see on the character; the space of the tragedy. 

Manifesto Poetico develops workshop / research based on the story of Medea at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow (UK).