Cinematographic language & Romance de La Dezarpa

In this research period we will approach the story of La Dezarpa from a cinematographic montage point of view. With just the use of the space, actor and the imagination of the audience we will research the narration and rhythm of the story through planes, flashbacks, and film dynamics investigating how to trick the eye and imagination of the audience to create the same illusion as a camera does on cinema.

This research will be direct by Carlos Garcia Estevez. Two advisory board members of Manifesto Poetico will visit and join the research; Frans Weisz (Dutch filmmaker) and Pascale Lecoq (Architect and director of École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq and Laboratoire d'Etude du Mouvement). (At the research will attend:) An international group of contributing artists and acting students from several Dutch theatre schools will attend and participate in the research.

Het Compagnietheater

October 5, 6, 12 and 13 (10h – 18h)

November 2, 3*, 16 and 17 (10h –18h)

*3rd Nov. at 20h open presentation !!!

Contributing Artists: 

Torgunn Wold Platzack (NO), Paulo Serantes (GZ), Liyun Zhang Brandicourt (China), Karla Isidorou (GR), Whitney Sawyer (NL), Yamill Jones (NL), Amir Vahidi (NL), Samm Ghilane (NL), Wout van Tongeren (NL), Joep Hendrikx (NL), Rutger Tummers (NL), Dennis Jongejan (NL), Camille Hesketh(CA), Miquel Barceló (IB), Anke Van ‘t Hof (NL), Medi Broekman(NL), Bridie Rollins (UK), Toni Allotta (IT), Anouk Leijtens(NL), Pascale Lecoq (FR), Frans Weisz (NL), Eva Crutzen(NL), Carlos Garcia Estevez (SP).



Garcia Estevez CarlosComment