The Workshop is directed by Carlos García Estévez

With participation of Pascale Lecoq for mask construction and assisted by Paige Allerton and Olmo Hidalgo.

Masks by Pak Pono, Donato Sartori and Den Durand

Dates: TBA

Price: TBA
(Food and Accommodation are NOT included)

The nature of the workshop is international and it will be taught in English

Work sessions can be translated in French, Italian and Spanish.

Location in PARIS: TBA

To apply send email to with your CV, photo and letter of motivation. Applicants will then be selected.


The playfulness behind building three-dimensional theatre 

This workshop relates to all styles and territories of theatre, as it deals with the permanencies of perspective, three dimensionality, abstraction, transposition and composition. 

We will practice the observation of reality and explore a language to speak about movement, space and time. 

Mask performance will be our vehicle for this study. 

Carlos’ research was initiated in 1997 when theatre pedagogue Jacques Lecoq provoked him to explore the tragic depth in Commedia dell’Arte and mask performance. From this initial orientation the research has gradually developed into a study of dramatic spaces ...masked spaces.

Over 20 years of research Carlos has arrived at a new view of Contemporary Mask Performance that makes the Commedia and all mask performance relevant to the 21st century, both in terms of application to scripts, devising new theatre and approaching physical play.

Through imagination, intellect, observation and experimentation, the laboratory will explore new heights with masks.

Manifesto Poetico Laboratory develops new theatrical languages, where the body and the space are the basis of storytelling and emotional communication. 

This workshop is open to actors, dancers and performers exploring the physical and acting skills of Mask Performance and Three-Dimensional Theatre. The participants will be exposed to a deep study of the mask dimension of contemporary theatre.

The workshop approaches the basic elements involved in Mask Performance such as:

- Spirit of play and celebration

- Gestures as architecture on the space

- The inner structure of the mask

- Construction of your own dynamic mask

   and its exploration on the floor

- Improvisation

- Movement technique, musicality and timing

- Everyday stories through human passions