Manifesto Poetico in AMSTERDAM

At ITS Festival, June 2012


Manifesto Poetico was invited at the ITS Festival in Amsterdam. We proposed a demostration/show based on F. G. Lorca poetic universe that was composed by three parts: presentation of the research, demostration of what could be a show in this theatre language (with a number of 15 actors and acting students from different countries (The Netherlands, Argentina, USA, Turkey, Russia, Spain and Canada.)) and to conclude we opened the stage to the audience in the form of a small workshop (hands on the research). 

Using the elastics is using some new theatrical language. A language that expands images on the stage, it compresses images and moments and dramatic tensions.

From the audience perspective the elastics serves to amplified or focus the voice, the movement and the dramatic tensions on the stage. 

It presents these energies to the audience in an epic sense, in the sense that it hit them harder that it seems like they are expecting. It is more as a cinematic language; it takes them from image to image very quickly and very dramatic and with a lot of energy, of directional forces and lines, which really compress a moment, focuses a moment or a character or a relationship or a movement.