Manifesto Poetico. Cliniclowns (NL). The Space of Clown


Technique – Playfulness – Ritual

It is a hands-on, two-day workshop exploring the dramatic universe of the Clown, the spirit of play, celebration and one of Manifesto Poetico's specific Researches - The Space of the Clown.

This workshop approaches as a starting point one of the basic elements of the clown: The State of Being. This point of departure will be use to approach movement, rhythm, space, improvisation and ensemble work.

The main focus of this workshop is to expose the participants to a deep awareness of how to use acting tools to create a poetic language that touches the audience. We will explore how to be at the service of emotions in the dramatic space and the construction of concrete techniques to deliver a physical journey of emotion in direct contact with the audience.

The pedagogical interest of this session is to contribute to the Clowns of the Cliniclowns Fundation (NL) by proposing different ways of seeing their interaction with children in Medical the environments through the filter of the spirit of clown, as seriously as a child would play.

The workshop is directed by Carlos García Estévez. Artistic director of Manifesto Poetico and Associate Artist at LEM - L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq.

The workshops will take place in Amersfoort from the 21st March to the 1st April 2016.