Manifesto Poetico in PARIS



February – May 2012

Manifesto Poetico visit the LEM at the school of Jacques Lecoq in two occasions in order to collaborate with Pascale Lecoq (director of the LEM and the Ecole Jacques Lecoq) on the research of the study of space. Concretely, during the period were the school set up an elastic net, which is manipulate on the space, to approach the work of Tragedy (with the second year students) and, parallel, for the research of some elements concerning the program of the LEM. 

In one of those visits joined us the dutch dramaturge, philosopher and a researcher at the Manifesto Wout van Tongeren.

All we needed to make the space come alive is the body of the actor and its impact on the space. Manipulate the elastic bands to create new spaces and to understand how the space moves. 

By the simple existence and relationship of the space and the self, the actor researched how to give space to the space, and the space in return, gives the actor time and dramatic dynamics; fundamental elements to create. 

The actor/manipulator had to be simple, to think with his body and to learn how to disappear: the space was only coming alive when the actor becomes a servant of the space.