Commedia dell'Arte: Contemporary PerformanceManifesto Poetico First Volume. By Carlos García Estévez with introduction by Wout van Tongeren. 

Chroniques Sénégalaises. Written by Jérôme Ragot. [Read them]

The Routledge Companion to Commedia dell’Arte.
In that book Manifesto Poetico was asked to participate with a chapter: Mask Performance for a Contemporary Commedia dell’Arte by Carlos García Estévez. [more]

Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq.  The Chapter 'Auto-cours, Enquetes, Commandes. A theatre practitioner's perspective'  is contributed by Carlos García Estévez and co-edited by Paige Allerton.

 Ed. Mark Evans and Rick Kemp, Routledge August 2016. [more]