Manifesto Poetico Workshops - Open Applications !

Manifesto Poetico is starting a new research period next December 2014.

Applications for workshops are open !

A Journey of (e)motion

2 and 3 of December 2014

A workshop for actors, dancers and performers exploring the physical and acting skills of Manifesto Poetico Research.

This two days workshop will approach basic elements involved in Devising Theatre such as movement, rhythm, space, improvisation and ensemble work.

The main focus of this workshop is to expose the participants to a deep awareness of emotions in the dramatic space and the physical journey of the emotion within the story.



Devising Theatre

 9 and 10 of December 2014

Devised / Collaborative theatre has a place in modern art today. Usually it is an improvisatory theatre wherein the story does not come from a script but rather from a collaborative group of artists.
This is a very similar type of theatre as Commedia dell’Arte, the main difference being Devised Theatre’s end result is presented to an audience in a fixed form. The improvisation is confined to the creative process.
Manifesto Poetico proposes a workshop on Devising Theatre.
The workshop will research different stimuli in order to approach the creative process of making theatre.
Those stimuli would be:
.The empty space.
.Cinematographic language on stage.
(framing, montage and editing – with no use of technology)
.Scene composition by: Rhythm’s principle and the Laws of compensation.
.Dynamics of the body on the space.
For the purpose of the research, Carlos García Estévez developed an installation that utilizes elastic to create lines that extend throughout the working space. This installation can be easily manipulated, which gives the researchers many possibilities to instantly create and transform spatial propositions.

The workshops will be directed by Carlos García Estévez.

Both workshops will take place at Het Compagnietheater, Amsterdam. From 10am to 5pm.

Price of each workshop: 175€ (excl. btw) Both workshops 300€.

Students 75€ (excl. btw) per workshop (HKU, AHK, ARTEZ and Toneelacademie Maastricht)

To apply send your CV and photo at