Carlos García Estévez directing mask performance in NORWAY

Carlos García Estévez is directing the new Mask Performance of Floating Theatre - NORWAY

First TRY OUT on the 28th November ! 

Floating Theatre presents PUFF!!!, a little story about the simple but important things in life.

A non verbal show for kids. Through gestures, colours and the musicality of movements, PUFF!!! brings a poetical language on the stage. Floating images that open up the curiosity and fascination for our young people.

Directed by Carlos García Estévez / Manifesto Poetico.

Cast: Torgunn Wold and Paulo Serantes

Produce by Torgunn Produksjoner

"a seed, the moon, the night and the stars,
a cloud, the rain, the wind and the sun...
and .... PUFF!!!"

Garcia Estevez CarlosComment