TransPoetico PROductions



In addition to the research and pedagogic work, Manifesto Poetico has developed strong relationships around the world with performing arts organizations with the internationally acclaimed TransPoetico Productions.

The TransPoetico Productions are the collaborative-creation, devised shows of Manifesto Poetico commissioned by theatresfestivals, performing art centres and theatre academies around the world. In these productions Manifesto Poetico is engaged to create and direct a show with a cast of local artists. With this group Manifesto Poetico uses its’ unique collaborative creation process to make a new theatrical language on the spot for and with the group and their audience. This process results in a production that is ready to play and tour. 

Manifesto Poetico works with commissioned subjects or can provide the inspiration material itself, working with contemporary themes such as climate change, immigration, war, equality and social justice.


Our most recent TransPoetico Production

The Making of PULSE - Documentary

Kuala Lumpur (MY) July 2018 




Mexico - Northern Ireland - Canada

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Our Collaborative Creation Process includes:

 Research into Local Reality   

• Observation of How locals express themselves

Our projects are committed to a period of anthropological research and intense reflection on today’s world.  We study the characteristics of the social context, the self-identified problems, interests and anxieties of the community / audience.

 Understanding the Nature of the Cast

• Introducing the Manifesto Poetico Tools and Research

We design and compose the tools for each new show in tune with the nature of the cast and audience.

• Putting together collective “Vocabulary”

The use of craftsmanship allows the artists to develop a risk-taking and enlightening process. A purely artisan process. 

• Creating a Common Language

We create a common language that allows the different disciplines to create together.

• Realizing the Show

We provide multilingual and multicultural dramaturgy, with the universal language of movement, space and time.  

During the whole process we delve into the layers of the given subject, the local depths and the broader universals.