(Clown show by Manifesto Poetico)
In 1989, two of the most wanted thieves of the history broke in the Esmeralda Gallery of the Rockefeller Centre in NYC. They stole the most expensive diamond ever: The jewel of Cairo.
Today, after 24 years, the international authorities still looking for them!
The name of these two brains is Sergio Montecini and Charlie La Flor. 
Created and direct by Carlos García Estévez
Cast: Fernando Gutiérrez, José García and Antonio Gómez
Costumes: Amelia García and Ángeles Estévez
Set design: Mari Luz Parra, Fernando Ortega and Fernando Gutiérrez
Premiere 24th August 24h at Teatro D’oremor
(Cabanillas de la Sierra – Madrid)