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Artistic Director

Carlos García Estévez


Carlos García Estévez is an international artist born in Spain. Carlos is an actor, stage director, theatre researcher, pedagogue and specialist in Contemporary Commedia dell’Arte and mask performance.

He is the Artistic director of Manifesto Poetico as well as an associate artist and teacher at L.E.M. (School of Jacques Lecoq) in Paris.

He trained with Jacques Lecoq for three years, both at his École Internationale de Théâtre and at L.E.M. (Laboratoire d’Etude de Mouvement).

Carlos performed with Simon McBurney – Complicite in A Dog’s Heart and The Magic Flute

He participates as a movement director at DNO (Dutch National Opera Academy) and Hollands Diep Muziektheater. With Manifesto Poetico he directs his own shows and research projects in Europe, South America, United States and Asia such as Tito’s Dream (USA, 2014), Nama Kamu Atas Perahu (Kuala Lumpur, 2013), Bogota In Action (Bogota, 2015), New York Lands (New York, 2016) and Klassiek van de Toekomst (Philharmonie in Haarlem, NL, 2017). He directs, together with François Lecoq, the project Manifesto In Action.

He is currently touring his solo performance “Solo dell’Arte.” that has been in Spain, France, The Netherlands, Argentina, Romania, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, United Kingdom, United States and Canada.

Other artists with whom he worked include Donato Sartori, Yoshi Oida, Gennadi Bogdanov, Pierre Byland, Alain Gautré, Eric de Bont, Kevin Crawford and Kaya Anderson (Roy Hart – Voice technique), Mario Gonzáles (Theatre de Soleil) José Luís Gómez (Teatro de La Abadía, Madrid) and Tapa Sudana (Tribuana master and a former actor of Peter Brook’s company).  

He has been a collaborator of Donato Sartori as a movement teacher and an actor for 12 years. There he began his exploration of the architecture of gestures and the anthropology of the mask. 

As a writer, he has collaborated with Routledge Publishers with several texts about Contemporary Mask Performance, Commedia dell'Arte of today, Devised Theatre and other aspects related with the Pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq.  

Carlos teaches and performs in English, French, Italian and Spanish. [more]



Paige Allerton

Paige Allerton is an international performing artist and anthropologist born in Canada. She trained at the school of Jacques Lecoq, the Laboratory for the study of Movement (LEM) in Paris, at the University of Toronto and with Manifesto Poetico.

Now she is Co-Director of Manifesto Poetico and directs the department of Anthropology and Content Creation, and co-directs the project Poetics of Survival.  Paige is also the LEM laboratory assistant at the School of Jacques Lecoq and assistant to Pascale Lecoq.

She is a movement teacher and performs with masks internationally.  She is currently touring her solo show “Good Boy” which premiered in Cyprus June 2017. 

She has toured with the company in Montreal, Toronto, Owen Sound (Canada), Lisboa, Oporto (Portugal), Nicosia (Cyprus), Haarlem, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Amersfoort (The Netherlands), Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), and Florence (Italy) for pedagogic, performance and research activities. Some of these activities include the Buffer Fringe Festival in Nicosia, training program for the Operação Nariz Vermelho, training CliniClowns-NL, and co-creating and assisting direction of Klassiek van de Toekomst in the Philharmonie of Haarlem (NL). 

She is starting work directing a new Manifesto Poetico show, In the Name of Humanity to be performed by Carlos García Estévez.  

She has been co-editor for Manifesto Poetico of several chapters on Devised Theatre and Contemporary Commedia dell’Arte published by Routledge. 

She has also studied clown with Leah Cherniak, Butoh Dance and Linklater voice technique with Denise Fujiwara and Gerry Trentham (Fujiwara Dance Inventions) and Devised Theatre with Banuta Rubess. [more]




Paulo Serantes (SP)

Paulo Serantes is a stage director, actor, musician, trainer and theatre researcher.

He is specialized in Movement Theatre based on the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq and Mask Work based on the pedagogy of Carlos García Estévez.

He has worked internationally in countries such as United States, Malaysia, Norway, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

He works at Manifesto Poetico as Assistant Director, Music Director, Actor, Musician and Light Designer and an artistic collaborator of the norwegian company Torgunn Produksjoner.

With Manifesto Poetico Paulo has participated in the creation of Klassik van de Toekomst (Light designer), New York Lands  (Assistant director, music director, light designer), Your name on a boat (Assistant, music director, musician, light designer), Tito's Dream (Assistant, music director, light designer), Solo dell'Arte (Light designer), Nama kamu atas perahu (Assistant, music director, light designer), Romance de La Dezarpa (Actor, musician)

Paulo also participated in numerous Manifesto research periods and pedagogic activities. He is a photo and a video editor for many Manifesto Poetico projects.

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Pascale Lecoq (FR)

Pascale Lecoq is a state-certified architect and followed Jacques Lecoq’s classes at Architecture Educational Unit - Paris la Villette (UPA 6). For more than 30 years she has been a researcher at the LEM (Laboratory for the study of Movement) where she is currently the artistic director. She is also the director of the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School in Paris since 2012. 

She is movement and plastic arts teacher, as well as set designer. 

With Manifesto Poetico Pascale participated as an artistic adviser for the shows Your name on a boat (Amsterdam, 2014) and New York Land (New York, 2016). She collaborates with Manifesto Poetico on research projects such as Romance de La DezarpaMask 3DMask Mimo-Dynamic, among others.

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David McDonald (USA)

David McDonald is a Professor at Wagner College Theatre in New York city, where he directs the Voice curriculum since 2000. He is an expert in text, speech and voice. 

His credits range from film performance, stage-directions, stand-up comedy to professional athletics. The focus of David's research is the staging of plays according to the inherent rhythm and movement found in the text.

With Manifesto Poetico David has participated in research projects, workshops, masterclasses, and stage directions in New York (including-NY Lands), Barcelona, Amsterdam (including-Romance Sonámbulo), Arnhem (NL), Arezzo (IT) , Padua (IT), Ankara (TK), and Paris (FR).


Olmo Hidalgo (SP)

Olmo Hidalgo is an actor and theatre researcher.

He has a diploma from the Laboratory for the study of Movement (LEM) in Paris at the École Internationale de Théâtre de Jacques Lecoq. He also has a degree in theatre, movement and voice from the School of María del Mar Navarro and Andrés Hernández and has a diploma in acting from William Layton Laboratory.

With Manifesto Poetico he collaborates and trains with Carlos García Estévez and Paige Allerton. Most recently he has assisted in Manifesto Poetico’s Pedagogic work MASK 3D and Clown: Theatrical Architecture, as well as participated as a contributing artist in the process of making GOOD BOY. 

He also has trained with Antonio Gil, Jeremy James, Arnold Taraborrelli, Gennadi Bogdanov, Michael Stubblefield, Ernesto Arias and Andrés Lima, and worked under the direction of Jeremy James, Josep Ma Flotats, Antonio de Paco, Montse Ortiz, Ana Bettschen; and with companies such as Cia. Imaginaria, La Fura dels Baus, The Clinic Performance Company and Lluerna Teatre.