García Estévez


Madrid (Spain)

Actor, Stage Director, Pedagogue, Mask Specialist and Theatre Creator

Founder & Artistic Director of Manifesto Poetico Laboratory -

Carlos García Estévez is an international artist born in Spain. He is Artistic Director of Manifesto Poetico, an actor, stage director, theatre researcher, pedagogue and specialist in Contemporary Commedia dell’Arte and mask performance.

Manifesto Poetico comes from Carlos’ 20 years of research and productions done internationally. He has also performed and directed in over 20 different countries and over 45 different Universities. Over his career he has developed his research into multi-style mis-en-scene, inter- disciplinary productions and devised theatre that is contemporary. The success of his work and the enthusiastic response from the audience comes from a reinvention of traditional- popular theatre. As he learned from Dario Fo, Carlos keeps the spirit of popular theatre in order to create new contemporary theatrical languages that speak to audiences today.

He directs shows, workshops, TransPoetico Productions and research projects in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. Recent creations directed by Carlos include Nama Kamu Atas Perahu (Kuala Lumpur, 2013), Tito’s Dream (USA, 2014), Bogota In Action (Bogota, 2015), New York Lands (New York, 2016), Klassiek van de Toekomst (Haarlem, NL, 2017), Hann: Voices of a Bay (Dakar, Senegal 2018) and Pulse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2018).

He is currently touring his solo performance Solo dell’Arte. It has been in Spain, France, The Netherlands, Argentina, Romania, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Cyprus, Greece, United Kingdom, United States and Canada.

Other artists with whom he worked include Donato Sartori, Yoshi Oida, Dario Fo, Simon McBurney, Peter Sellars, Marcello Magni, Gennadi Bogdanov, Pierre Byland, Eric de Bont, Kevin Crawford and Kaya Anderson (Roy Hart – Voice technique), Mario Gonzáles (Theatre de Soleil) José Luís Gómez (Teatro de La Abadía, Madrid), Tapa Sudana (Tribuana master and a former actor of Peter Brook’s company) and Miquel A. Barceló.

Carlos will be directing an upcoming TransPoetico Production in Belfast September 2019, as the first part of a Trilogy called Epic Borders.

Carlos performed with Simon McBurney – Complicite in A Dog’s Heart and The Magic Flute and with Peter Sellars in Girls of the Golden West.

He participates as a movement director for opera at DNO (Dutch National Opera Academy) and Hollands Diep Muziektheater.

He trained with Jacques Lecoq for three years, both at his École Internationale de Théâtre and at L.E.M. (Laboratoire d’Etude de Mouvement). He is regularly hosted as a teacher at L’École Jacques Lecoq in Paris in the Laboratory for the Study of Movement (L.E.M.) where he is an associate artist and co-contributor to the unique research undertaken there.

Carlos directs, performs and teaches in English, French, Italian and Spanish.


1994- Theatre School Boadilla, Madrid

1995- Diploma Socio-Cultural Project Director, C.A of Madrid

1995-97- Graduate RR.PP, Univ. S.P. CEU, Madrid

1996-97- School of Performing Arts TAI, Madrid

1997- Theatre School ASURA. Eric de Bont, Clown, Madrid

1997 - Scuola Internationale di Commedia dell’Arte, Reggio Emilia, Italy

1997-99– Ecole International de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, Paris

1999 - Centro de Maschere e Strutture Gestuali, D. Sartori, Padova ITA

1999-00 -Laboratoire de l’Etude de Mouvement (LEM) Ecole Lecoq, Paris

1999-00- Conservatoire Nationale de Art Dramatique of Paris. With Mario Gonzales. Mask Master - former actor from Théâtre du Soleil

2000- Training Centre La Abadia. Tapa Sudana, Ritual Theatre Work, Madrid

2000- Training Centre La Abadia. Gennadi Bogdanov, Biomechanics, Madrid

2007- Stichting Commedia. Kevin Crawford from Roy Hart Centre, Amsterdam


Own productions (Manifesto Poetico)

2018 - PULSE (director) Kuala Lumpur

2018 - Hann: Voices of a Bay (director) Senegal

2017 - Klassiek van de Toekomst (director) NL

2017 - Good Boy (director) Cyprus

2016 - New York Lands (writer and director) New York (USA)

2015 - Bogota In Action (co - director) Bogota (CO)

2014 - Your name on a boat (writer and director) Amsterdam (NL)

2014 - Tito’s Dream (writer and director) Storrs (CT) USA

2014 - Un muerto muy vivo (writer and director) Clown show. Madrid (SP)

2013 - Nama Kamu atas perahu (Director) Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

2013 - The jewel of Cairo (writer and director) Clown show. Madrid (SP)

2012 - Sergio Monteccini (writer and director) Clown show. Madrid (SP)

2014 - PUFF!! (Director) Norway

2013 - Romance de La Dezarpa (director) FR

2008-2018 Solo Dell´Arte (actor-director) Mask show / Conference, The Netherlands, Spain, Cyprus, Romania, France, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Austria, Canada, Argentina, Greece, United Kingdom and United States.

2008 - A la de tres! (Actor-director) Mask Improvisation Show, NL

2007 - Völlerei (actor) Contemporary Commedia, NL

2007 - Paradise (actor-director) Modern Commedia, NL

2007 - Refugi (actor-director) Modern Commedia, NL

2005 - Amleto (Hamlet) (actor and co-director) Commedia dell´Arte, SP and NL

2004 - Jester’s Tale (actor and co-director) Commedia dell’Arte, IRE

2004 - May Day (actor and co-director) Clown Street Performance, IRE

2003 - Solo (actor and co-director) Mask-Showcase, IRE

2003 - It’s too Arty… (actor and co-director) Clown-Burlesque, IRE

2003 - Don’t Sleep! (actor and co-director) Commedia dell’Arte, IRE

2002 - Two or Three? (actor) Clown, IRE and FR

2002 - Muirsin’s Melody (actor and co-director) Buffoon, IRE

2001 - Más allá de los girasoles (actor) Commedia dell’Arte, SP

2001 - Una vida dues vides (actor and co-director) Commedia dell’Arte, SP and IRE


2019 - Girls of the Golden West (actor) DNO Amsterdam (NL) (Dir. Peter Sellars)

2013 - 15 - The Magic Flute (actor) Amsterdam (NL) (Dir. Simon McBurney - Complicite)

2012 - Idomeneo (actor) Dutch National Opera, NL

2010 - A dog’s Heart (actor) (Dir. Simon McBurney - Complicite) UK and NL

2003 - Belgrade Theatre (actor) (Dir. Kathy K.) UK

2003 - Baboro Festival (Clown Parade) (Dir. Carlos Garcia) Ireland

2002 - 03- Theatre du Sagittaire (actor) (Dir. Pascal Viet) France

2002 - Macnas (actor) (Dir. Judith Higgins) Ireland

1997 - Macnas (actor) Disneyland-Paris (Dir. Macnas)

1994 - 96 - Pigmalion II (actor) (Dir. Víctor Ruiz) Madrid

1995 - Taedra (actor) (Dir. Víctor Ruiz) Madrid


Movement theatre, devising theatre and mask performance.


2015 - Nationaal Jeugd Musical Theater, Amsterdam

2012 - Muziektheater Hollands Diep, Dordrecht

2013 - Dutch National Opera Academy, Amsterdam

2011 - 14 - De Acteerschool, Rotterdam 

2015 - Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam

2009 - Fontys Academie, Tilburg

2008 - ROC, Amsterdam

2008 - 09 - F. Sanders MusicTheatre School, Amsterdam

2005 - 17 - ARTEZ, Arnhem

2005 - 10 - CODARTS Rotterdam Conservatorium

2005 - Stella Duce Theatre, Venlo

2005 - Drie Naakt Mens, Amsterdam

2005 - Tiramisu Theatre Company, Amsterdam

2004 - 14 - HKU School of Arts, Utrecht

2004 - Drang Theatre Company, Dan Haag

2004 - 09 - Teatro Punto Prof. Training, Amsterdam


2001 - 04 - Macnas, Galway

2003 - Youth Theatre, Galway

2003 - Youth Theatre, Sligo

2002 - 03 - Youth Theatre, Limerick


2002 - Youth Theatre, Ennyskilen


2015 - La Pergola, Florence

2005 - 08 - Accademia Dell’Arte, Arezzo

2004 - 10 - Centro Maschere et Struttura Gestuali-Sartori, Abano Terme - Padova


2016 - Ecuela Internacional del Gesto, Madrid

2013 - Escuela Teatral Paso de Valverde, A Coruña

2005 - 08 - Laboratory CanZannone, Barcelona

2004 - 05 - Escuela Patothom, Barcelona

2004 - Los Deméndez, Girona

2000 - 01- Teatro de La Abadia, Madrid

2000 - 01- Escuela Arte Noble, Madrid

2001 - Escuela A. Vázquez de Castro, Madrid

2000 - La Guindalera, Madrid

1996 - 97 - YMCA, Madrid and Valencia


2011 - 18 - Lecoq Lees Studios, Paris

2017 - National School of Architecture, Paris 

2011 - X - LEM – Ecole Jacques Lecoq, Paris

2014 - Mask Collective, Paris

2005 - Théâtre Elixir, Amiens

2002 - 05 - Théâtre du Sagittaire, Amiens

2003 - 05 - CAJ, Freville Scarbotin


2018 - USD, San Diego, CA

2014 - UCONN, CT

2010 - 11 - Association for Theatre in Higher Education ATHE. LA and Chicago

2009 - 11 - Association of Theatre Movement Educators. NYC, LA and Chicago

2011 - University of Redlands, Redlands, CA

2011 - Whittier University, Whittier, CA

2010 -16 - American Academy of Dramatic Art, New York City, NY

2011 - American Academy of Dramatic Art, Hollywood, LA

2009 - Piccolo Theater, Chicago, IL

2008 - UNC, Chapel Hill, NC

2008 - TCU, Fort Worth, TX

2008 - 11 - SMU, Dallas, TX

2008 - UVA, Charlottesville, VA

2008 - PACE University, NYC

2008 - Belmont Academy, Belmont MA

2006 - 16 - Wagner College, Staten Is. NY

2006 - 08 - Boston University, MA

2006 - Brown University, Riverside, RI 

2006 - Gallatin School NYU, NYC

2006 - FIU, Miami FL

2006 - Sarah Lawrence Co., Bronxville NY

2006 - Concord Academy, Boston MA

2006 - Simmons College, Boston MA

2006 - Hartford University, CT

2006 - MUW, Columbia MS

2006 - UARTS, Philadelphia PA

2006 - Milton Academy, Boston MA

2006 - Smith College, Northampton MA

2006 - UMASS, Amherst MA

2006 - Muhlenberg College, Allentown PA

2006 - Rhodes College, Memphis TN

2006 - Hendrix College, Conway ARK

2006 - Trinity College, Hartford CT

2006 - TUFTS University, Boston MA

2006 - 08 - VCU, Richmond VA

2006 - Richmond University, Richmond VA

2006 - W&M College, Williamsburg VA


2013 - Institut fur Musikpadagogik at Universitat fur Musik and Darstellende Kunst, Vienna.


2010 - 11 - East 15 Acting School at University of Essex, Loughton,

2011 - Rose Bruford University, Bexley, 

2013 - 14 - Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), Glasgow.


2016 - Upper Canada College, Toronto

2011 - 13 - Toronto University, Toronto

2012 - 13 - Windsor College, Windsor

2012 - Glendon College at York University, Toronto


2010 - Teatrul Masca, Bucharest 


2013 - Theater of Changes Acting School, Athens


2013 - Belisario Acting School, Buenos Aires

2013 - IN Teatro Acting School, Buenos Aires

2013 - Contemporary Dance Laboratory, Buenos Aires


2008 - Trabzon Devlet Tiyatrosu, Trabzon

2013 - Bilkent University, Ankara

2014 - Kadir Has University Stage, Istanbul


2015 - Teatro Nacional, Bogota

2015 - Universidad Javeriana, Bogota


2008 - Rooftop Theatre Group, Nicosia


2014 - Floating Theatre, Ås


2013 - Kakiseni, Kuala Lumpur


2018 - Kaddu Yaraax Theatre of the Oppressed, Dakar

2018 - Action Enfance Senegal, Dakar

2018 - Kaddu Askanwi, Dakar


1998-15- The tragic depth in Commedia dell’Arte. Personal Research

2005- The actor’s training and the collective work, Can Zannone I, Barcelona (SP)

2005- The neutral mask and F. G. Lorca, Can Zannone II Barcelona (SP)

2006- Equilibre du Plateau and mask acting, Can Zannone III Barcelona (SP)

2007- Multiculturalism and Mask Symbolism, Can Zannone IV Barcelona (SP)

(With mask maker Den Duran)

2008- From Mimodinamique mask to Expressive mask, Can Zannone V Barcelona (SP)

2009- The voice and the mimodynamic mask at Roy hart Center, (FR) (With Kaya Anderson)

2011-15- Contemporary Commedia dell'Arte Laboratory, Paris (FR)

2011- Dynamics of text II (in Dutch) Rotterdam (NL)

2011- Research on new language, Arnhem (NL)

2012- Space of Lorca, Amsterdam (NL)

2012- Space of the chorus, Glasgow (UK)

2012- Dynamics of text I (in Turkish) Ankara, (TK)

2013- The space of clown, Dallas (TX)

2013- Research Tragedy ‘Romance de La Dezarpa’, Paris (FR)

2013- ZOOMING - Cinematographic language on the Stage, Amsterdam (NL)

2014- Space of Medea Research, Glasgow (UK)


1999-00- Assistant at the Conservatoire Nationale de Art Dramatique of Paris

With Mario Gonzales. Mask Master and former actor from Théâtre du Soleil.

2000- Assistant of Tapa Sudana. (Balinese Master and former actor of Peter Brook), Madrid.

2000-01- Assistant director of José Luís Gómez .

Training Centre ´Teatro de La Abadía´, Madrid

2004-08 Movement teacher and assistant of Donato Sartori.

Centro Maschere et Struttura Gestuali, Abano Terme - Padova ITA

2004- Mask player with Donato Sartori at his conference “La maschera e l´attore”

At University of Padova- DAMS project

2004- Assistant and performer at “Mascharamento Urbano” (Urban Mask).

Dir. by Donato Sartori. Piazza della Gran Guardia, Padova ITA

2004- As an actor in “Tartaglia secondo Carlos Garcia” at “Arte della Maschera nella Commedia dell´Arte”. Dir. Centro Maschere – D. Sartori. Abano Terme ITA

2008- As an actor-pedagogue at the Demonstration of the International Seminary of the Arte of the Mask in the Commedia dell´Arte. With the masks of Pantalone, Tartaglia and the Neutral Mask. Dir. Centro Maschere D. Sartori. Abano Terme, ITA


2005- Director / Adviser of “La meva mare” clown show. Perform by Begoña Gómez, Former clown of Cirque du Soleil.

2004- Assistant / Translator of Pascal Viet at the Conference “Théâtre comme action social”

II International Encounter of Oppress Theatre. Org. by Patothom, Barcelona

2002- Short movie “Drum” as a Demon. Direct by Michael Murphy – Macnas, Galway IRE

2002- “Mask Documentary Project” at Maison d´Arrêt d´Amiens (Youth Prison)

Dir. Pascal Viet – Théâtre du Sagittaire, Amiens FR

1994/00- Socio-Cultural director in “Integration Work Camps”

With YMCA Madrid, Valencia and San Pablo CEU School, Spain


Carlos directs, teaches and performs in:

English, French, Italian and Spanish.