Working with very young and talented artists at Philharmonie in Haarlem

Premiere 1st April !!!

Klassiek van de toekomst will involve the audience in the creation of a theatrical language; a language of movement and space, that will reach all generations by using our society’s contemporary understanding of movement; our contemporary eyes which know touch-screens, swipe-phones, pop-ups and digital readout, while connecting everyone deeply to the handmade, the low-tech and the classic.
— Carlos García Estévez, Manifesto Poetico
As a young artist and activist I feel very fortunate to have the chance to work with this large number of young people who live in a privileged part of the world. This type of project that attempts to talk about young people - about our anxieties, our fears and our desires for the future of our society - is vitally important to our communities, to awaken a consciousness through a meaningful poetic language that one day will change actions not only words.
— Paige Allerton, Manifesto Poetico