De La Dazarpa. Research period at Lecoq Lees Studios



"We are a life passage,

continuation of each other.

We belong to a sea of  dreams,

reflections of a blue sea.

We live between two horizons,

that is our reality.

The stars are in the sky

to give light to the road

at the beginning and at the end

of our time, which is infinite.

At night we can’t see the colors

but they move in the dark

of the heart of our dreams".


Research period for the coming production of Manifesto Poetico:

'De la Dezarpa' tragedy in one act.  

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At Lecoq Lees Studios, Paris. From 28th July to 4th August 2013.

With: Torgunn Wold Platzack (NO) , Wout van Tongeren (NL), Pascale Lecoq (FR), Camille Hesketh (CA), Rozanne de Bont (NL), Jorge Arbert (AR), Joep Hendrikx (NL), Paulo Serantes (GZ), Lucien Lindsay MacDougall (UK), Francois Lecoq (FR), Sara Romersberger (USA), Samm Ghilane (NL), Carlos Garcia Estevez (SP) and Rutger Tummers (NL).