Our Technique

Spatial Dramaturgy

The mandate of Manifesto Poetico’s theatre is not to share world-views or ideas but rather to share the real life experiences that makes people who they are, the space and architecture that they have moved through that has shaped and developed them. For this Manifesto Poetico researches how to create Spatial Dramaturgy that is suggestive, effective and relevant today.

The basis of architecture is space, of sculpture is direction, and of painting is perspective.

Manifesto Poetico’s goal is to bring these three elements into the theatre of today to create three dimensional Spatial Dramaturgy.  Through a deep study of movement it can be seen how the world, people and emotions move in an organic way. This organic way can be analyzed as a system of forces or architecture. With the basics of this architecture, with the universals and laws of physics, an infinite number of new theatrical languages can then be designed like an architect designs buildings - using Spatial Dramaturgy Manifesto Poetico arrives at Multi-Style, Multi-Disciplinary, Multi-Cultural and Trans-Cultural theatre that is popular and contemporary, universally understood, for and with the people.