A collaboration with

Damansara International Arts Festival

Petaling Jaya (Malaysia)

1 June - 8 July, 2018


脈 衝 [Pulse]

A journey through the beats of daily life

This TransPoetico Project will focus on some fundamental questions that we encounter in our daily life; how do I feel? Do they like me? What is the beat of our heart in all our ordinary situations? Manifesto Poetico is interested in creating stories that approach these questions from a space point of view.  

The aim of Pulse is to expose the audience to a different way of perceiving emotions in the dramatic space - to show a emotions’ physical journey through the use of music and storytelling.


What is the space of our emotions? How do they move? What are their rhythms? What is their inner space and their outer space? What is their journey?


How can we structure all these stories with rhythms?


How can we construct an inner journey and make visible the feelings, emotions and passions that pass by our ordinary lives?


Could the audience inhabit and travel through a constructed universe with the Pulse of our characters?


The proposition of this production goes beyond an abstract behavior or a literal representation of an idea but is to create an instinctive source in order to experience what we cannot see on the character but exists in our life inside. 


脈 衝 [Pulse]