Paige Allerton


Owen Sound (Ontario, Canada) 1992

International Performing Artist. Anthropologist

Co-Director of Manifesto Poetico Laboratory /

Paige Allerton is an international performing artist and anthropologist born in Canada. She trained at the School of Jacques Lecoq, the Laboratory for the Study of Movement (LEM) in Paris, at the University of Toronto and with Manifesto Poetico.

Now she is Co-Director of Manifesto Poetico and directs the department of Anthropology and Content Creation, and co-directs the project Poetics of Survival. Paige is also the LEM Laboratory Assistant at the School of Jacques Lecoq and assistant of Pascale Lecoq.

She is a movement teacher and performs with masks internationally. She is currently touring her solo show “Good Boy” which premiered in Cyprus June 2017.

She has toured with the Company in Montreal, Toronto, Owen Sound (Canada), Lisboa, Oporto (Portugal), Nicosia (Cyprus), Haarlem, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Amersfoort (The Netherlands), Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), and Florence (Italy) for pedagogic, performance and research activities. Some of these activities include the Buffer Fringe Festival in Nicosia, training program for the Operação Nariz Vermelho, training Cliniclowns-NL, and co-creating and assisting direction of Klassiek van de Toekomst in The Philharmonie of Haarlem (NL).

She is starting work directing a new Manifesto Poetico show, In the Name of Humanity to be performed by Carlos García Estévez.

She has been co-editor for Manifesto Poetico of several chapters on Devised Theatre and Contemporary Commedia dell’Arte published by Routledge. 

She has also studied Clown with Leah Cherniak, Butoh Dance and Linklater Voice Technique with Denise Fujiwara and Gerry Trentham (Fujiwara Dance inventions) and Devised Theatre with Banuta Rubess.


2011 - 2016 - Manifesto Poetico Apprenticeship and Training

- Contemporary mask performance
- Devised Theatre
- Object manipulation
- Research into Space, Form and Movement - Teacher’s training

2014-16 - L’École International de Jacques Lecoq, Paris

2014-15 - Le Laboratoire d’Étude du Mouvement (LEM), Paris

2012-13 - Fujiwara Dance Inventions

- Butoh Voice Intensive (4 weeks)
- with Denise Fujiwara and Gerry Trentham

2011-15 - Linklater Voice Technique Training

2010-14 - The University of Toronto

- Specialist in Theatre
- Major in Anthropology (Medical and Environmental focus)


- Co-Director of Manifesto Poetico (since 2016)

- Associate Artist at LEM - School of Jacques Lecoq (since 2018)

- Assistant to Pascale Lecoq (since 2017)

- Assistant at the Laboratoire d’Étude du Mouvement (LEM) at L’École International de Jacques Lecoq in Paris (since 2017)



2018 - PULSE - Manifesto Poetico. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

- assistant director/co-creator

2018 - Hann: Voices of a Bay - Manifesto Poetico. Dakar, Senegal

- assistant director/co-creator

2017 - Good Boy - Mesarya Theatre Festival, Cyprus - Solo performer half-mask, mime.

- directed by Carlos García Estévez

2017 - Klassiek van de Toekomst - Manifesto Poetico. Philharmonie Haarlem, NL 

- assistant director and co-creator

2016 - CliniClowns - The Netherlands

- performed clown in hospitals

2015 - Meeting of European Theatre Academies (META) - Lecture demonstration by the School of Jacques Lecoq and LEM. Florence, Italy

- performance demonstration cast member, clown, larval mask, object manipulation, movement analysis, animals and neutral mask

2015 - Je suis toi - Paris, Young Arts Paris PETRICHOR - duo collective creation

- inspired by Paris Charlie Hebdo attacks

2014 - You are invited to the cast party after the production formally known as Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf - Toronto, Canada

- devised collective creation
- adaptation of Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. Directed by Banuta Rubess

2013 - Climate Rush - devised solo show. Toronto, Canada 

- inspired by Ai Wei Wei’s exhibit: According to What? - participatory and site-specific

2013 - A Clown Show - collective creation. Toronto, Canada

- directed by Leah Churniak (Lecoq Alumna)


2017 - Research exploration at l'École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Val de Seine- Paris, FR

- Manifesto Poetico masterclass on the physical embodiment of 3-Dimensional space for architecture students to give an embodied experience of design in the here an now - to explore how the space shapes the experience lived inside.

2017 - Mask 3D - Manifesto Poetico Summer workshop - Lecoq Lees Studio, Paris, FR

- mask performance training for multi-style 3 dimensional theatre.

- mask making training for plastic understanding of 3-dimensionality, abstraction, forces, structure and movement

2017 - CliniClowns App - Amersfoort, NL

- manipulation of elementary forms

- for hospital clown over video-call application

2017 - CliniClowns Annual Company Training - Amersfoort, NL - hospital clown training

- introduction to analysis of movement (movement phrase), gestures and creation

2017 - Contemporary Commedia dell’Arte for actor’s training - ARTEZ Arnhem, NL - university program first years’ training

2016 - Operação Nariz Vermelho - Lisboa and Oporto, PT

- hospital clown training using Contemporary Commedia dell’Arte

2016 - Introduction to Expressive Mask - Upper Canada College, Toronto, CA

2016 - Clown: Theatrical Architecture - Paris

- Assistant of Manifesto Poetico summer workshop

2016 - Contemporary Commedia dell’Arte - Paris - Manifesto Poetico summer workshop

2016 - CliniClowns Annual Company Training - Amersfoort, NL - hospital clown training

- introduction to space, perspective, passions and patterns

2015 - Contemporary Mask Performance - Paris

- Assistant of Manifesto Poetico summer workshop

2007-17 - Ballroom and Latin Dance teacher


Co-editor of the chapter “Auto-cours, Enquetes, Commandes. A theatre practitioner's perspective” by Carlos García Estévez for The Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq.

- Ed. Mark Evans and Rick Kemp, Routledge August 2016.


-  20 years of Ballroom and Latin Dance experience

-  Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation

-  Butoh Dance

-  Dance for film

-  Linklater Voice technique

-  basic Piano and Drumming


English, French and basic Spanish