Paige Allerton


Owen Sound (Ontario, Canada) 1992

International Performing Artist. Anthropologist

Co-Director of Manifesto Poetico Laboratory /


2011 - Present - Manifesto Poetico Apprenticeship and Training

- Contemporary mask performance
- Devised Theatre
- Object manipulation
- Research into Space, Form and Movement - Teacher’s training

2014-16 - L’École International de Jacques Lecoq, Paris

2014-15 - Le Laboratoire d’Étude du Mouvement (LEM), Paris

2012-13 - Fujiwara Dance Inventions

- Butoh Voice Intensive (4 weeks)
- with Denise Fujiwara and Gerry Trentham

2011-15 - Linklater Voice Technique Training

2010-14 - The University of Toronto

- Specialist in Theatre
- Major in Anthropology (Medical and Environmental focus)


- Co-Director of Manifesto Poetico (since 2016)

- Assistant to Pascale Lecoq (since 2017)

- Assistant at the Laboratoire d’Étude du Mouvement (LEM) at L’École         International de Jacques Lecoq in Paris (since 2017)



2017 - Hann: Voices of a Bay - Manifesto Poetico. Dakar, Senegal

- assistant director/co-creator

2017 - Good Boy - Mesarya Theatre Festival, Cyprus - Solo performer half-mask, mime.

- directed by Carlos García Estévez

2017 - Klassiek van de Toekomst - Manifesto Poetico. Philharmonie Haarlem, NL 

- assistant director and co-creator

2016 - CliniClowns - The Netherlands

- performed clown in hospitals

2015 - Meeting of European Theatre Academies (META) - Lecture demonstration by the School of Jacques Lecoq and LEM. Florence, Italy

- performance demonstration cast member, clown, larval mask, object manipulation, movement analysis, animals and neutral mask

2015 - Je suis toi - Paris, Young Arts Paris PETRICHOR - duo collective creation

- inspired by Paris Charlie Hebdo attacks

2014 - You are invited to the cast party after the production formally known as Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf - Toronto, Canada

- devised collective creation
- adaptation of Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. Directed by Banuta Rubess

2013 - Climate Rush - devised solo show. Toronto, Canada 

- inspired by Ai Wei Wei’s exhibit: According to What? - participatory and site-specific

2013 - A Clown Show - collective creation. Toronto, Canada

- directed by Leah Churniak (Lecoq Alumna)


2017 - Research exploration at l'École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Val de Seine- Paris, FR

- Manifesto Poetico masterclass on the physical embodiment of 3-Dimensional space for architecture students to give an embodied experience of design in the here an now - to explore how the space shapes the experience lived inside.

2017 - Mask 3D - Manifesto Poetico Summer workshop - Lecoq Lees Studio, Paris, FR

- mask performance training for multi-style 3 dimensional theatre.
- mask making training for plastic understanding of 3-dimensionality, abstraction, forces, structure and movement

2017 - CliniClowns App - Amersfoort, NL

- manipulation of elementary forms
- for hospital clown over video-call application

2017 - CliniClowns Annual Company Training - Amersfoort, NL - hospital clown training

- introduction to analysis of movement (movement phrase), gestures and creation

2017 - Contemporary Commedia dell’Arte for actor’s training - ARTEZ Arnhem, NL - university program first years’ training

2016 - Operação Nariz Vermelho - Lisboa and Oporto, PT

- hospital clown training using Contemporary Commedia dell’Arte

2016 - Introduction to Expressive Mask - Upper Canada College, Toronto, CA

2016 - Clown: Theatrical Architecture - Paris

- Assistant of Manifesto Poetico summer workshop

2016 - Contemporary Commedia dell’Arte - Paris - Manifesto Poetico summer workshop

2016 - CliniClowns Annual Company Training - Amersfoort, NL - hospital clown training

- introduction to space, perspective, passions and patterns

2015 - Contemporary Mask Performance - Paris

- Assistant of Manifesto Poetico summer workshop

2007-17 - Ballroom and Latin Dance teacher


Co-editor of the chapter “Auto-cours, Enquetes, Commandes. A theatre practitioner's perspective” by Carlos García Estévez for The Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq.

- Ed. Mark Evans and Rick Kemp, Routledge August 2016.


-  20 years of Ballroom and Latin Dance experience

-  Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation

-  Butoh Dance

-  Dance for film

-  Linklater Voice technique

-  basic Piano and Drumming


English, French and basic Spanish