The poetics of survival with global climate change is a devised theatre project. 

For this long term research the Laboratory has found an extraordinary opportunity to encounter colleagues and artists internationally and exchange with them the richness of their cultural, poetic, and political history and geographic setting. 

We want to explore local climate change scenarios to develop a collective awareness. Manifesto Poetico Laboratory is very excited to add its theatrical language to this project and ask the questions: WHAT are the climate change issues that we are not seeing yet? Social, Political and personal? How can a poetic theatrical language move our communities to action? 

Manifesto Poetico will add the concept of Poetics of Survival with climate change to all the up coming activities: directions, performances, workshops, research and more. 

The research will be conducted in cultural and educational centres, exposing their result in theatres and festivals.

This project is directed by Paige Allerton, (environmental and medical anthropologist and theatre activist), and Carlos García Estévez, (artistic director of Manifesto Poetico). 

Manifesto Poetico Laboratory encounters different artistic journeys that confront the research from different cultural, artistic and disciplinary perspectives. The artists that participate in the Manifesto Research contribute with their own expertise helping the research to develop in form and depth. 

Manifesto Poetico Research has been conducted with artists from The Netherlands, Argentina, Colombia, United States, Portugal, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Turkey, Italy, Austria, France, Russia, Spain and Canada.