The gate of Hope

a TransPoetico Production

PART 1 - Research Period

at The University of San Diego (CA)


This TransPoetico Production, Part 1 of The Epic Borders Trilogy, started with a research period in San Diego, California, when artistic director, Carlos García Estévez was nominated to be Honorary Chair at The University of San Diego.

The research delved into current news, local knowledge, and information from the streets with a close collaboration with researchers from different departments at the university, including the department of Ethnic studies, Environmental and Ocean Studies (Climate Science), and the Change-Making School of Peace and Justice.  

As an International Laboratory of Theatre Research, Manifesto Poetico engages in creating popular contemporary theatre to bring the language of the streets to the stage. Incorporating artistic and scientific disciplines as well as multi-cultural influences. We propose theatre for and with the people.

The Second Part of this TransPoetico Production will continue in Guadalajara, Mexico in September 2019.



We are interested in creating a theatre performance with artists from Mexico.  We will take them on a journey of research, exploring the elements that are the reality of their surroundings: social conflicts, different ethnic groups, immigration, economic disparity, militarization and world environmental impact. We will look at the daily stories of different local communities and treat them with a poetic language.



The project will be compose of artists from across disciplines.

Carlos García Estévez in conversation with Scott Ripley. San Diego, California, February 2018.



"We believe in promoting a constant development of society. We aim to mirror this development with stories wherein people can recognize themselves, and which encourage citizens to engage for a better world for all races, social classes, ages, genders, religions, sexual orientations, national origins, and abilities; a better world for Humanity."

Manifesto Poetico, 2011



With The Gate of Hope, Manifesto Poetico intends to design a hands-on creative process. We will aim to connect the artists with their past and bring them close to a future; imaginatively and emotionally. We will challenge them to offer their results to an audience and confront the reality of today’s world.