Summer Workshop Laboratory



23 - 27 July

at the School of Jacques Lecoq in Paris

please note: This workshop is organized by Manifesto Poetico

Summer Workshop Laboratory directed by Carlos García Estévez with

laboratory assistants Paige Allerton, Paulo Serantes and Olmo Hidalgo.

Interview with Carlos García Estévez in NYC - Jim Moore - Vaudevisuals


Manifesto Poetico's Summer Workshop Laboratory will be dedicated to the research and analysis of the principles that govern the process of artistic creation in a multi-disciplinary context.

In this laboratory we aim to grow the ambition to change ways of seeing, searching for new languages for a theatre of tomorrow.

In this international context, multicultural by nature, we will study Theatrical Space.  


Artistic Team

One of the remarkable characteristics of this latest phase of Manifesto Poetico’s research is its powerful combination of abstraction and concreteness: on the one hand, there is the analysis of the abstract (spatial and temporal) qualities of theatre, and on the other, the ongoing attention for the concrete physical particularities of the arts of acting and storytelling.
— Wout van Tongeren. Dramaturg & Editor Dutch National Opera & Ballet department of education, participation & programming Amsterdam, the Netherlands

What is Spatial Dramaturgy?

Spatial Dramaturgy is the name Manifesto Poetico has given to the resulting approach of its’ 20 years of research.

Many approaches of theatre focus on bringing together two elements: movement and text, body and mind, inner experience and outer effect. This is a two-dimensional approach to theatre.

In addition to this approach, Manifesto Poetico focuses on a third element that seems often forgotten: the space.



What is the actor, the text, the story without it’s space and time?

In this 5 day workshop laboratory, director of Manifesto Poetico, Carlos García Estévez will lead the group through a journey of discovery and analysis of what is right in front of us, our daily paradigm of the 4 dimensions.

In it’s simplicity, this is often forgotten, overlooked or left un-practiced.

This research started with Carlos’ in depth study of the structure behind performance masks. His research led him to coin the concept of the inner structure of the mask as a system of forces. After years of practice he eventually developed this concept to be used as a greater, abstraction of a mask on the space. This led him to create Manifesto Poetico’s Spatial Dramaturgy.

Carlos’ research has led him to new, innovative ways of looking at constructing and directing theatre. He makes theatre that is three dimensional bringing depth, perspective and the geometry of daily life to theatre. This creates spatial dramaturgy - not with set design, but with the moulding and manipulation of empty space. Carlos brings a rare energetic playfulness and challenges actors to be in a constant three dimensional relationship with each other and the space. He is inspiring, generous and mischievous!
— Michael Levine - Scenographer - Contributing Artist at Complicite

We will approach:


- A 3-Dimensional balancing of the stage using a suspended structure.

- Pattern languages through space

- Floating forms to Integral Tension

- The space of the 4 dimensions  ( new research )

- Body stage relationship: ( frame » tension » intention » invisible impact )

- Measured space v.s. Homeric space ( recognizable spaces changing with time )

- The emotional experience of the space ( space constraints that transform one situation into another)




Location: The School of Jacques Lecoq in Paris - 57 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris (FR) 

Dates: 5 day workshop laboratory  (10am-5pm)

23rd to 27th of July, 2018

Language: Lessons will be taught in English with the possibility of translations in French, Spanish and Italian.

To apply: send an email to with your CV, photo and letter of motivation. Applicants will then be selected.



Who we are looking for:

All genres of artist are welcome (painters, sculptors, architects, designers, musicians, actors, dancers, puppeteers, directors, dramaturgs etc.). This workshop laboratory is designed for advanced students and professional artists. Beginners are welcome to apply but may be asked for an interview.

This is a practical workshop where participants will be asked to be physically engaged.

Price: 500 Euros including tax.

A light lunch will be included. Accommodation not included.