“ The Commedia brought to new heights.

Ingenious and innovator. At once stunning and moving.”

- Sara Romersberger, ATME, USA


“ Extraordinary actor, interpreting the masks of our contemporary theatre.”

- Donato Sartori - Mask Sculptor


“ So rich and so subtle. At once a doddering old man, a dog-like macho, a sexy strip-tease dancer. The stories were to the point. There was never a dull moment. ”

- Sevgi Sanli - Black Sea Theatre Festival, Turkey


“ He reinvented human comedy.

Beyond clichés,

touching the great human emotions.

Intelligent, open-minded and touching.”

- Pascale Lecoq, École de Théâtre de Jacques Lecoq, Paris


Masks: Donato Sartori and Den Durand. 

Costume: Amelia García and Angeles Estévez.

Light design: Manifesto Poetico

Solo dell'Arte has been performed in Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Romania, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Austria, Canada, Argentina, Greece, United Kingdom and United States.

It can be performed in French, Spanish, Italian and English. 



Solo dell’Arte

Created and performed by Carlos García Estévez .

Solo dell’ Arte is an introduction to the audience of one of the most ancient types of theatre, the Commedia dell’ Arte, and the presence of this art into our days as a Contemporary Theatre. The actor performs the show in the purest sense of the Popular Tradition: 'a theatre for and with the audience'.

In this show there is an empty space, masks, an actor and the audience. And two stories: The moon of Santiago, Lola ‘La nuit’. 

The Moon of Santiago is the love story of Manuel Lopez de Baranda, a solitary old man born in the south of Spain. Everything happened fifty years ago the night of the celebration, the Night of Santiago.

" Do not trust the full moon on summer nights! It drives people crazy..."

Lola 'La Nuit' is an artist who works in a Parisian nightclub, two streets away from the famous Moulin Rouge. Lolo works in a all-night convenience store and every night makes a pizza delivery to Lola.