In the name of Humanity tells the story of two elderly people in a nursing home. Amid the droning on of their daily routine, administered pills, regulated meals, TV, bingo, and cell-like rooms, the two, with no concept of old age, plan “the revolution”, their escape and a new world. 

Manifesto Poetico Lab is planning several rehearsal periods over the next six months. This project will be developed by Carlos García Estévez, Paige Allerton and Paulo Serantes.  

Humanity needs a revolution to visibly change the structural causes at the root of the militarization of the world, the amplifying social inequality, the ecological devastation, the economy in perdition dominated by the financial industry, the meaning of the life pulverized under the survival tools of the richest and most powerful.
— Riccardo Petrella, former director of the European Coordination Centre for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (UNESCO)