Manifesto Poetico opens its research on a Residency Basis in their Countryside House in the mountains of Madrid, Spain.

The Laboratory invites artists from different disciplines to share a time of reflection, research and immersion into the Laboratory’s insights and content.  




Mask Laboratory

Mask Laboratory is open to artists that want to question what the function is of the theatrical mask and its performance. We will ask this question from the object point of view as well as from a conceptual standpoint.  From the study of the form to performing we will ask: Where is mask performance today? And why? An atelier and working space will be provide. 

Explore Your Own Theatrical Language

Explore Your Own Theatrical Language. If you want to develop your own artist voice, your own original way of performing theatrically, and your view of today’s world; Manifesto Poetico is offering their research experience as a reference to help you create and explore your own unique theatrical language.


Poetics of Survival

Poetics of Survival is a period of reflection that Manifesto Poetico opens regularly to artists that are interested in creating content that directly engages with the global reality of today. We focus on detecting and analyzing the elements that have created an impasse for humanity. We look at the Social, Political and Personal; at what we do, think and need; in a search to examine the issues at hand, the dilemmas yet to arise, and the permanencies that humanity cannot Change. 

The Poetics of Survival residency is open not only to artists but also to scientists and academics. 

This residency is for a time of reflection, content creation and it’s poetic transposition into storytelling. 

Create & Go

Create & Go. Are you starting your own theatre group? Or you want to re-question your work? Have you met Manifesto Poetico before? If you have encountered the work of Manifesto Poetico feel free to contact us! 

Come to develop your ideas and put together your show! Manifesto Poetico will make available their residence and share with you their working space, accommodation and table.



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