Paulo Serantes (SP)

Paulo Serantes is a stage director, actor, musician, trainer and theatre researcher.

He is specialized in Movement Theatre based on the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq and Mask Work based on the pedagogy of Carlos García Estévez.

He has worked internationally in countries such as United States, Malaysia, Norway, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

He works at Manifesto Poetico as Assistant Director, Music Director, Actor, Musician and Light Designer and an artistic collaborator of the norwegian company Torgunn Produksjoner.

With Manifesto Poetico Paulo has participated in the creation of Klassik van de Toekomst (Light designer), New York Lands  (Assistant director, music director, light designer), Your name on a boat (Assistant, music director, musician, light designer), Tito's Dream (Assistant, music director, light designer), Solo dell'Arte (Light designer), Nama kamu atas perahu (Assistant, music director, light designer), Romance de La Dezarpa (Actor, musician)

Paulo also participated in numerous Manifesto research periods and pedagogic activities. He is a photo and a video editor for many Manifesto Poetico projects.