With Manifesto Poetico:

Pascale participated as an artistic adviser for the shows Your name on a boat (Amsterdam, 2014) and New York Land (New York, 2016). She collaborated with Carlos García Estévez in research projects such as Romance de La Dezarpa, Mask 3D, Mask Mimo-Dynamic, among others.

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Pascale Lecoq is a state-certified architect. She followed Jacques Lecoq’s classes at Architecture Educational Unit - Paris la Villette (UPA 6) and for more than 30 years she is researcher on the LEM (Laboratory of Movement Study).

She is movement and plastic arts teacher at the LEM since 1988. She co-runed the LEM with Krikor Belekian from 1999 - 2010. She is the artistic director of LEM.

As an architect she worked with the architecture company SITE Projects based in New York. She took part in the creation of shows with Films et Formes and Les Productions de l’Ordinaire, the Louis Lumière show in Lyon and the refurbishment of spaces in the Cultural and Art Centre La Ferme du Buisson  in Marne la Vallée.

As a stage designer she worked in several productions, for example: Chants d’amour des Alphabets d’Auschwitz written by Armand Gatti and directed by Georg-Maria Pauen (Berlin, Germany), L’Avare by Molière and directed by Alain Gautré.

She gives workshops and conferences in France and abroad at Complicite Theatre Company in London, The Royal Shakespeare Company in London and, the National Theatre of Scotland, etc.

She teams up with theatre schools such as HINT-Verdal in Norway and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama to set up partnerships.

Pascale continues her research to further develop the LEM and for the academic year 2016-17 she started a Second Year - LEM.

She is the director of the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School since 2012.