Paige Allerton is an international performing artist and anthropologist born in Canada. She trained at the school of Jacques Lecoq, the Laboratory for the study of Movement (LEM) in Paris and the University of Toronto.

She trains and works with Carlos García Estévez in Contemporary Commedia dell'Arte and Mask Performance. She is a collaborator with the International Laboratory of Theatre Research Manifesto Poetico where she directs the department of Anthropology and Content Creation and co-directs the project Poetics of Survival. 

She has toured with the company in Montreal, Toronto, Owen Sound (Canada), Lisboa, Oporto (Portugal), Nicosia (Cyprus), Haarlem, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Amersfoort (The Netherlands), Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), and Florence (Italy) for pedagogic, performance and research activities. Some of these activities include the Buffer Fringe Festival in Nicosia, training program for the Operação Nariz Vermelho, training CliniClowns-NL, and co-creating and assisting direction of Klassiek van de Toekomst in the Philharmonie of Haarlem (NL). 

This spring she is starting work on two new Manifesto Poetico shows, In the Name of Humanity to be performed by Carlos García Estévez and Good Boy a solo performed by Paige premiering in Cyprus at the Mesarya Festival in June.  

She has been co-editor for Manifesto Poetico of several chapters on Devised Theatre and Contemporary Commedia dell’Arte published by Routledge. 

She has also studied clown with Leah Cherniak, Butoh Dance and Linklater voice technique with Denise Fujiwara and Gerry Trentham (Fujiwara Dance Inventions) and Devised Theatre with Banuta Rubess.