" Carlos’ research has led him to new, innovative ways of looking at, constructing and directing theatre. He makes theatre that is three dimensional, bringing depth, perspective and the geometry of daily life to theatre. This creates what could be called a kind of spatial dramaturgy - not with set design, but with the moulding and manipulation of empty space. Inspiring, generous and mischievous! "

- Michael Levine, Scenographer


“The quality of his work is particularly valuable to the opera world. He goes further in his research to make contemporary performance that is so easy to understand. 

When I saw Carlos’ work I was having the absolute conviction that this has to be the future of Opera singing.“

 - Íride Martínez - Soprano

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" His performance provoked in me childhood memories. 

I love the energy of his collective, please encore! ”

- Dario Fo, Masterclass Festival, Padua 2010


"...powerful combination of abstraction and concreteness: on the one hand, there is the analysis of the abstract (spatial and temporal) qualities of theatre, and on the other, the ongoing attention for the concrete physical particularities of the arts of acting and storytelling."

- Wout van Tongeren - dramaturg & editor, Dutch National Opera & Ballet

(department of education, participation & programming)


“ You made me see things that I did not see before. ”

- Donato Sartori, Mask Festival. Amsterdam 2009


" He reinvented human comedy. Beyond clichés, touching the great human emotions. Intelligent, open-minded and touching.”

- Pascale Lecoq, École de Théâtre de Jacques Lecoq, Paris


" He has discovered ways to make the life within each character not only amuse and engage the audience, but also grab them by the throat and jerk them into the world on stage and, by extension, the world we live in."

- Sara Romersberger, Stage Director, Dallas 2013