THE SPACE SPEAKS - Documentary


July 2019 Manifesto Poetico opened its laboratory for 5 days to a group of international artists to share and deepen their latest research, SPATIAL DRAMATURGY & THE FOUR DIMENSIONS.

Dutch filmmaker, Wesley Mulder, attended the activity to create two films about the work of Manifesto Poetico through the eyes of a participating artist.

This second film is based on a series of interviews recorded July 2019 with 石川朝日 Asahi Ishikawa, Actor and Theatre Maker from Tokyo, Japan.


Special thanks to interviewee, 石川朝日 Asahi Ishikawa.


Director & Cinematographer, Wesley Mulder, met artistic directors, Carlos García Estévez and Paige Allerton, during the production of the film Mama’s Ashes shot in Almeria (Spain) in May 2019. After this experience they decided to start an artistic collaboration.

“Moving image always appeals to the viewer's emotions, regardless of the reason for looking. It's fantastic to be able to play with this. You can make the viewer sit on the edge of his seat, give a smile, move them to tears or make them think. Film has that power.” - Wesley Mulder


Thank you to all of the Participating Artists: Roberto Kuzmanich (AR), Vicky Sachpazi (GR), Patrick J. O’Reilly (UK), Yiouli Archontaki (GR), Mizar Antorán (ES), Paige Allerton (CA), Fabienne Vegt (NL), Heng Wang (TW), Raquel Martín (ES), Jill Kathleen (USA), Alessandra Cortesi (IT), Olmo Hidalgo (ES), Eugene Ma (CA), Hagit Peled (IL), Clara Lloret (ES), Asahi Ishikawa (JP), Xuan Shiung (TW), Alisa Debelic (HR), David McDonald (USA), Natalia Arteman (AR), Elena Vassilieva (RU), Wesley Mulder (NL), Carlos García Estévez (ES).


Open Laboratory 2019, Paris

Spatial Dramaturgy & The Four Dimensions

Interview and Photos by Wesley Mulder