Interview with Paige Allerton: Co-Director of Manifesto Poetico

©2018 Jules Nerestant Photography

©2018 Jules Nerestant Photography


Paige Allerton

Interviewed by Jérôme Ragot 

During rehearsals of 'HANN: Voices of a bay'.

Dakar, Senegal. January 2018


Paige met Carlos García Estévez and the work of Manifesto Poetico in 2011 at University of Toronto. There she found tools, techniques and especially a different view and philosophy of theatre. This gave her the lens with which to look at the world and transpose it into a theatrical event. This is what she had been looking for.


After several encounters Paige was invited by Manifesto Poetico to contribute as an artist and an anthropologist to create the Department of Anthropology and Content Creation with the long term research and performance project ‘The Poetics of Survival’. This department has been an integral part of the last three productions of Manifesto Poetico.

Shortly she became Co-Director of Manifesto Poetico and editor of the Laboratory’s research. Paige also contributes internationally with Manifesto Poetico as an actor, stage director and pedagogue.