Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq - Paperback edition launch

Manifesto Poetico had the pleasure of contributing a chapter to the Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq.

Editors, Mark Evans and Rick Kemp invited Carlos García Estévez and Paige Allerton to write 'Auto-cours, Enquetes, Commandes. A theatre practitioner's perspective' for the Routlage publication that was released 2016.

Now on the occasion of the launch of the paperback edition is a unique event at the National Theatre in London to review and evaluate the impact of Jacques Lecoq on UK theatre.

If you are UK-based Lecoq ex-student don’t miss this unique event.

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The Influence of Lecoq on UK Theatre

Tue 6 November, 5.30pm
Running Time: 1 hour 15 mins

Jacques Lecoq was one of the major figures of Western theatre in the second half of the 20th century, known especially for his teaching of movement, play, improvisation, masks, language, comedy, and tragedy. This event explores this legacy with an overview and analysis of Lecoq's life, work and philosophy of theatre, and looks at Lecoq’s influence on prominent performers and directors currently working in contemporary theatre in the UK.

With contributions from Mark Evans, author and co-editor of The Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq; Leah Hausmanchoreographer and movement director; actor Toby Jones; and Simon Murray, author and academic, Jacques Lecoq (Routledge Practitioners). Chaired by Clare Brennan, theatre critic for The Observer.