Premiering GOOD BOY - Cyprus, June 2017

We are very excited to announce the premiere of GOOD BOY - by Paige Allerton, June 4th at the Mesarya Theatre Festival in Cyprus. 

Performed in combination with SOLO DELL’ARTE, Manifesto Poetico will have the pleasure of closing the Festival Sunday night. 

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PROLOGUE… Sitting in a rare momentary spot of sun on a Café terrace, a young woman drinks a coffee. As the sun slightly passes, she hears a great fanfare approaching. Trumpets, shouting, clapping, yelling and feet marching. Consuming the boulevard is a parade of unknown origins, advancing quickly and with glamour like a crowd of excited geese. With time bent by the pull of the crowd, the parade is already passing. The young woman stands to have a better look, she cannot see the centre - what might perhaps reveal the reason for this parade. Before she knows it she is walking, following, trying to understand, being infected by the giddy force of the movement. She meets John and Sandra others who have joined the march today. They follow and follow, hours and hours, until night is falling and they have reached some unknown fields far beyond the city. … Names are taken, tents are set up, and the three have found they have joined the military. …