LECOQ LEES STUDIO - Summer Workshops, Paris

Lecoq Lees Studio

Laboratory for theatre and plastic arts research

Summer Workshops in Paris


Work sessions in

English, French, Italian and Spanish.

For the 60th Anniversary of the School of Jacques Lecoq Manifesto Poetico has been invited to be Guest of the Season at the Lecoq Lees Studio. 

In honour of its history the Lecoq School has decided to expand its field of research and host for the first time a series of workshops at the Lecoq Lees Studio - their countryside campus just outside of Paris. 
Manifesto Poetico’s artistic director, Carlos García Estévez, is very excited to be a part of both workshops that will be taking place this year with his artistic team members Paulo Serantes and Paige Allerton. 

Lecoq Lees Studio 2017 season proposes two workshops:

Mask 3D

10 to 14 July
Organized by Manifesto Poetico

With Carlos García Estévez and participation of Pascale Lecoq.
Assisted by Paige Allerton and Paulo Serantes. [more]

Passions, Characters and Situations

17 to 21 July
Organized by School of Jacques Lecoq

With Pascale Lecoq, François Lecoq and Carlos García Estévez. [more]