About Clown: Theatrical Architecture Workshop

By Mahtab Mokhber (Tehran, Iran)

I have been very fortunate to have the chance of being part of this one week training with Carlos Garcia Estevez - Manifesto Poetico. I have learned so much from Carlos's unique approach to the work of the Clown, his concrete and precise way of treating the space, and last but not least, his incredible generosity, as a teacher and a fellow human.
I met inspiring beautiful people from all around the world, from whom I learned a lot and had the opportunity of profound exchanges.
We worked, learned, created, failed, cooked, drank, danced and sang together.
Thank you. Thank you for this amazing journey of sharing life. Grateful for every moment we shared, and looking forward to work with you all again.

And thanks to Paige Allerton for her illuminating awareness for our planet, for reminding us the importance of taking small everyday actions, and for transforming sorrow into celebration.

"This earth will grow cold,
a star among stars
and one of the smallest,
a gilded mote on blue velvet—
I mean this, our great earth.
This earth will grow cold one day,
not like a block of ice
or a dead cloud even
but like an empty walnut it will roll along
in pitch-black space . . . 
You must grieve for this right now
—you have to feel this sorrow now—
for the world must be loved this much
if you're going to say "I lived". . ."
Nazim Hikmat