PREMIERE 21 October - Amsterdam

Special thanks to: Pascale and Francois Lecoq. And to the board members of Manifesto Poetico Art Foundation: Theu Boermans, Pascale LecoqFrans Weisz, Wout van Tongeren, Ybo Buruma, Ernst Braches, Paul van Tongeren, Cis van Helmond, Sander Klos.

Amsterdam 3rd October,

Authorities found the missing 17-year-old girl who disappeared last week in the proximities of Amsterdam.

The girl, Alma, was in a relationship with Tobias (a young sailor). Neighbors from the Nieuwmarkt area that knew them said: ‘those two teenagers were crazy in love and they were starting to build a life together’, ‘I ‘ve been living in this city my whole life and I never heard a story like this!’, ‘they met at the fish market. Ah love! Young love, they don’t care about anything else and they don’t see anything outside of each other…’ (Said an old woman)

Premiere 21th October 2014 at Het Compagnietheater, Amsterdam. 

Premiere matinée 15 h (buy tickets)

Premiere 20:30 h (buy tickets)

The premiere will be followed by an After Talk with the Director.

With the collaboration of L.E.M. / Ecole Jacques Lecoq, ARTEZ, Het Compagnietheater and Het Warenhuis.

Manifesto Poetico Art Foundation is the only INTERNATIONAL LABORATORY OF FUNDAMENTAL THEATRE RESEARCH in the Netherlands. Manifesto Poetico researches the principles governing the process of artistic creation in theatre. It is dedicated to the research and creation of new languages of theatrical expression. Its starting point is the body of the actor and its impact on the space. The last research discoveries will be presented throughout the structure of the show ‘Your name on a boat’.

It is the first time that Dutch first year theatre students (Artez - Arnhem) play together with Jacques Lecoq students in a production. Your name on a boat is the 3rd performance based on ‘Basic Research' during the time period 2013/14. The two previous performances took place in Malaysia (Nama Kamu Atas Perahu) and in Connecticut, USA (Tito’s Dream). This performance will be taking place in the heart of Amsterdam.

Contributing Artists: Enzo Coenen (NL), Paulo Serantes (GZ), Steef Verheijen (NL), Torgunn Wold (NO), Francois Lecomte (FR), Jock Maitland (UK), Claude Martin (AUS), Clara Henry (FR), Ingrid Liavaag (NO), Joeri Van Spijk (NL), Anne Rietmeijer (NL), Jorge Arbert (AR), Nils Verkooijen (NL).

Direction: Carlos García Estévez

Produced by Manifesto Poetico Art Foundation & East Indy.

Assistant Manager/Media: Frances von Fleming 


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