Devising Material - Tito's Dream

Written and directed by Carlos Garcia Estevez Assistant direction Paulo Serantes Drawings Kayla Blanchard

Moon! tell me all the tales so they slowly will caress my fears and I will get lost behind your eyes.

Little point, there is no time, no space but only here and now... pure state of an emotion!

Gentle moon, allow the sea to kiss you and I will fall on your chest of silver crystal.

Wind give me your wings, fly me to my dreams. I don't want to end. I want to see your eyes behind the stars in the mirror of the sea and have your arms between the waves of salt and foam.

When the sun will swim in the eternal sea I will be dreaming at the edge of the firmament, counting the stars and stopping the time.

I have a million brothers.

- Come, come with us to color the sky and have a bath when the sun will melt inside the sea.