How can the clown interact with diverse spaces? 

How do these spaces influence the behavior of the clown? 

In what ways does the dynamic relationship between clown and space determine the experience of the spectators? 

We live in many kinds of social structures, and we know through experience that each has its own organization and its expected pattern of behavior.

The main focus of this workshop is to create a poetic language that touches the audience. 

To research this we must reference and transpose the social systems / spaces that we experience in real life.

"We don’t behave the same in a Cathedral as we do in a supermarket" Jacques Lecoq. 

In this workshop we will develop an awareness of how to approach, created and constructed dramatic space through movement, rhythm and improvisation with the different driving forces of each clown.

This exciting adventure of “the space of clown” cannot be done without the spirit of play, ordinary stories and celebration. 

Dates: TBA 2017
Price: TBA
To apply send email at with the following information: CV, Photo and Motivation letter.

Only 16 participants will be able to attend the workshop.

The participants will sleep in dorms of 4-5 people.

The nature of the workshop is international and it would be taught in English. Work sessions can be translated in French, Italian and Spanish.
The workshop will take place in Montagny en Vexin, a small village in the countryside of Paris (just 50 min by train)