" We believe in promoting a constant development of society. We aim to mirror this development with stories wherein society can recognize itself, and which encourage citizens to engage for a better world for all races, social classes, ages, genders, religions, sexual orientations, national origins, and abilities; a better world for Humanity. "

Carlos’ research was initiated in 1998, when theatre pedagogue Jacques Lecoq provoked him to explore the tragic depth in Commedia dell’Arte and mask performance. From this initial orientation, the research has gradually developed into a study of dramatic spaces. Carlos named his laboratory after his Artistic Manifesto: Manifesto Poetico. [Read Manifesto]

Manifesto Poetico became the source of Carlos’ work as a stage director, actor and pedagogue. Recently the laboratory has deepened its work with an Anthropology and Content Creation Department that deals with the qualitative aspects of the work and focuses on the creation and transmission of meaning for the Laboratory’s devised theatre projects: productions, pedagogic work, and written documentation. This department is directed by Paige Allerton, environmental and medical anthropologist, and Performing Artist.

Based out of Paris, the Laboratory travels internationally and works with international collective of contributing artists (professional actors, dancers, architects, filmmakers, designers, philosophers and theatre students). Manifesto Poetico offers workshops and stage directions. [booking]

An important part of this research has been carried out at L.E.M. (Laboratoire d’Etude de Mouvement - École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq) .Carlos is an associate artist of L.E.M., Paris.

The stage direction and pedagogic work of Manifesto Poetico engages committed artists and students in rediscovering ways to:

Serve the contemporary actor,

Compose and frame the dramatic space,

Articulate the emotional journey of the characters for an audience of today,

Make a set that appears only in the imagination of the audience.

Every project or workshop has a different theme but has in common the dramatic impact of the body on the space through everyday stories. 

Some of our past workshops and projects include: Contemporary mask performance and  Commedia dell’Arte | A journey of (e)motion | Devised Theatre | Manifesto In Action | Poetics of Survival | Clown: Theatrical Architecture