I would like to highly recommend the work of Carlos García Estévez and Manifesto Poetico Laboratory of Theatre Research and Productions.  I have known Carlos for several years.  We first met in Amsterdam working on A Dog’s Heart for the Dutch National Opera/Complicite co production.

Carlos’ research has led him to new, innovative ways of looking at, constructing and directing theatre. He makes theatre that is three dimensional, bringing depth, perspective and the geometry of daily life to theatre.  This creates what could be called a kind of spatial dramaturgy - not with set design, but with the moulding and manipulation of empty space.  

I became aware of Carlos’s research into spatial dramaturgy a few years ago. Since then his way of using and constructing invisible dramatic space has attracted my attention. 

I recently taught a group of actors, directors, designers and writers at the Soulpepper Academy in Toronto and Carlos briefly came into work with the students playing a physical/spatial exercise and I immediately saw how he was able to engage everyone in the class at the same time.  The students were delighted and walked away with an a better understanding of space and how to manipulate it on stage.  He brings a rare energetic playfulness and challenges actors to be in a constant three dimensional relationship with each other and the space.  He was inspiring and generous and mischievous!

I highly recommend the research and practices of this yet to be widely discovered artist, Carlos García Estévez and his Laboratory Manifesto Poetico.        



Michael Levine