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Directed by Paige Allerton

Manifesto Poetico’s  Anthropology & Content Creation Department supports the qualitative aspects of the work and focuses on the creation and transmission of meaning for the Laboratory’s shows, TransPoeticoLab, pedagogic work, and written documentation.


This department was created with the encounter between the artistic director of Manifesto Poetico, Carlos García Estévez and performing artist and anthropologist, Paige Allerton

Their first project together, The Poetics of Survival: beyond global climate change, is a research and devising theatre project that looks at what we do, think and need in the global reality of Climate Change. We look at the Social, Political and Personal, in a search to examine the issues at hand, the dilemmas yet to arise, and the permanencies that Climate cannot Change. 

The Anthropology and Content Creation department was then formed when Manifesto Poetico decided to add the concept behind The Poetics of Survival: beyond global climate change to all its activities.

In this global moment, Manifesto Poetico decided to engage directly with the content that threatens Humanity today.With this research we then ask the question: How can poetic theatrical language move our communities?


Humanity needs a revolution to visibly change the structural causes at the root of the militarization of the world, the amplifying social inequality, the ecological devastation, the economy in perdition dominated by the financial industry, the meaning of life pulverized under the survival tools of the richest and most powerful.
— RICCARDO PETRELLA, former director of the European Coordination Centre for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (UNESCO)

Contact the department at manifestopoetico.content@gmail.com