His performance provoked in me childhood memories. I love the energy of his collective, please encore!
— Dario Fo, Masterclass Festival, Padua 2010

Manifesto Poetico’s goal is to develop Theatrical Architecture where space and body are the base of storytelling and emotional communication.

We seek a constant creation of theatrical languages incorporating artistic - scientific disciplines and multi-cultural influences in order to make popular contemporary theatre that brings the language of the streets to the stages. We propose theatre with the people and for the people.

Manifesto Poetico puts this research into practice in its original works: Shows, TransPoeticoLab collaborative productions and Pedagogic Work

Manifesto Poetico is born out of the 20 years of research and productions of its founder and artistic director Carlos García Estévez.  These projects have been hosted and performed around the world, Carlos has taught, performed and directed in over 20 countries, 40 American Universities, in L’École Jacques Lecoq and regularly in the Laboratory for the Study of Movement (LEM) at L’École Jacques Lecoq where he is an associate artist and professor.

Carlos works in partnership with anthropologist and performing artist, Paige Allerton, assistant director of Manifesto Poetico. They are also supported by an international Artistic Team.

Manifesto Poetico is unique in its handmade low-budget aesthetic and film-like performances.  The quality of the work comes from nearly 20 years of Carlos’ research, explored around the world in collaboration with international artists of varying disciplines. His work and own productions are strongly connected to popular tradition, dramaturgy of comedy and sociology.
We aim to mirror the constant tides of change through story telling. To mirror all that is new, all that is changing too fast, and also that which never changes. We do this with the understanding of our responsibility to encourage citizens of all places to engage for a better world - a more fair and just society - for all races, social classes, ages, genders, religions, sexual orientations, national origins, and abilities; a better world for Humanity, Persons, Species and Life.
— Manifesto Poetico