Manifesto Poetico offers two types of pedagogic work

Open Workshops: when the Laboratory is interested in a subject, Manifesto Poetico proposes an open workshop to which individuals can apply.  See our latest open workshop Mask 3D. 

Special Commission Workshops: when people or groups want the laboratory to work with their group on a particular subject, Manifesto Poetico will make a custom tailored workshop based on the groups interests and needs.  If you have a school, theatre company or organization and you would like a Manifesto Poetico workshop contact us with your proposal at See our past workshops here

Over the last two decades and much travel Carlos has developed and refined an international pedagogy based in movement research and cultural study.  

Carlos’ research and pedagogy incorporates different artistic disciplines (music, architecture, painting, dance…) and science (anthropology, philosophy, physics, geometry…) with the everlasting goal of developing and exploring new theatrical languages, influenced by the study of human movement, its' society and especially the essence and abstraction of "the mask".

The pedagogic work of Manifesto Poetico engages committed artists and students in rediscovering ways to:

Serve the contemporary actor,

Compose and frame the dramatic space,

Articulate the emotional journey of the characters for an audience of today,

Make a set that appears only in the imagination of the audience.


Carlos has taught in more that 20 different countries, over 40 American Universities, and in notable places such as Hollywood (AADA), Dutch National Opera Academy, Teatro de La Abadia in Madrid, Brown University, Wagner College and Sarah Lawrence in New York, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), East 15 in London, Toronto University, Teatro Nacional in Bogota, In Teatro in Buenos Aires, among others.

Since 2011 he is an associate artist and a regular teacher at the LEM (Laboratory of Movement Study) at the School of Jaques Lecoq in Paris.

Every project or workshop has a different theme but has in common the dramatic impact of the body on the space through everyday stories. 

Some of our past workshops and projects include

- Contemporary mask performance and Commedia dell’Arte

- A journey of (e)motion

- Devised Theatre

- Manifesto In Action

- Poetics of Survival

- Clown: Theatrical Architecture

- The tragic depth in Commedia dell’Arte

- The actor’s training and the collective work

- The neutral mask and F. G. Lorca

- Equilibre du Plateau and mask acting

- Multiculturalism and Mask Symbolism 

- From Mimodinamique mask to Expressive mask


- Larval Mask. Architecture of an Elementary Form.

- The voice and the mimodynamic mask at Roy Hart Center

- Contemporary Commedia dell'Arte Laboratory

- Dynamics of text II in Dutch

- Research on new language

- Space of Lorca

- Space of the chorus

- Dynamics of text I in Turkish

- The space of clown

- Research Tragedy ‘Romance de La Dezarpa’

- ZOOMING - Cinematographic language on the Stage

- Space of Medea Research, etc